BC Game Privacy Policy

BC Game is committed to protecting its users’ personal information because it values their right to privacy. This privacy policy defines how BC Game collects, uses, and protects user information in order to offer a secure and open experience for users in India.

Does the BC Game online casino in India protect users’ personal data.
What is the Personal Data Policy at the BC Game online casino in India.

The privacy policy of BC Game is oriented for the safety of the users, with these being the main points:

  • In order to provide and improve its services, BC Game collects personal data such as names, email addresses, and contact details. 
  • For security and analytics purposes, the platform may gather information about users’ devices, including IP addresses and browser types. 
  • Cookies and related technologies are used by BC Game to track website traffic and customize the user experience. 
  • Certain legitimate third parties may have access to users’ personal information for purposes including customer support and payment processing.
  • Security precautions are taken by BC Game to guard against unauthorized access, exposure, or alteration of user data.

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