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Plinko is one of the popular games in the casino section. It is a simple and maximally fun gambling game without complex algorithms. Plinko belongs to the BC Originals family of games and is characterized by a concise design and an active community of players.

Embark on an exciting journey with Plinko at BC Game.
If you don't want to make manual decisions, select Plinko's auto mode at BC Game. Familiarize yourself with the basic parameters of Plinko at BC Game. Find out more information about the rules of Plinko at BC Game. Go to BC Game and find the Plinko game. Enter the amount, risk level and number of lines and start playing Plinko at BC Game.
Select the basic parameters and start playing Plinko at BC Game.

The game process is as simple and clear as possible. The player of BC Game in India chooses the number of bonus lines, the coefficient, and the level of risk. After the basic parameters are selected, the draw takes place. The ball drops down to the holes where the bet multipliers are located. Depending on which hole the ball falls into, your winnings may change. You can also play in automatic mode.

Join BC Game, find Plinko and start the ball.

To play Plinko, do the following:

  1. Log in to your account or register.
  2. Search for the game on the site or app.
  3. Choose your bet amount, number of lines and risk level.
  4. Start the ball and wait for the round to end.

You can always withdraw your winnings through the available payment systems.

What is Plinko’s RTP?

The RTP of the game is 99%.

Are There Any Other Types of Plinko in the BC Game?

Yes, in addition to Plinko from BC Originals you can play the Plinko game from the provider KingMidas.

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