Play BC Game Lottery Online

BC Game Lottery is a catalog of 250+ online lotteries played in real time. Register on the official BC Game website, play online lotteries and win impressive jackpots right now!

Are there lotteries on the BC Game casino website.
What types of lotteries are there on the BC Game casino website.

BC Game’s lottery catalog includes lotteries drawn online from the following countries:

  • USA: Carolina Cash 5 5/43, Palmetto Cash 5 South Carolina 5/38;
  • UK: EuroMillion Plus 5/50, Health Lottery 5/50 and others;
  • Germany: 6aus49 6/49, Keno Germany 20/70;
  • Other countries (Peru, India, New Zealand).

A player buys a certain number of lottery tickets and selects a certain number of “Bets”. You can choose a number of bets (balls) from the number provided (usually between 4 and 6), as well as make a separate bet for the jackpot draw. The lottery draws are conducted online. You can follow the results of lottery draws in real time.

What is BC Lottery on the BC Game casino website.

BC Lottery is BC Game’s own lottery, which is drawn online.

  • A player can buy from 1 to 100 lottery tickets per draw. Each lottery ticket includes a choice of 6 numbers and 1 jackpot drawing number.
  • The player can select combinations of 6 numbers for 10 tickets manually. If the number of tickets purchased is more than 10, the combinations on the other tickets will be generated automatically.
  • The cost of one lottery ticket is 0.1 USD.

Once the draw is completed, you will be able to see the successful combination in the results section. Also in this section you will be able to see the list of winners and their winnings.

Instructions on how to start playing lotteries on the BC Game casino website.

To start playing online lotteries, follow the instructions:

  1. Register on the official BC Game website or mobile app and enter promo code;
  2. Make a deposit via an available payment system or crypto wallet;
  3. Go to the “Lotteries” section and select the desired lottery from the catalog;
  4. Select the nearest draw and enter the combination of numbers;
  5. Wait for the draw to complete and withdraw your winnings.
Where to View Winning Tickets?

You can see the winning ticket combination in the “Results” section of each lottery page.

Is it legal to Play Online Lotteries in India?

Yes, participating in online lottery draws is legal in India.

Can I play BC Game Lottery from my smartphone?

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets and watch the drawings on the BC Game app.

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